Why Routine Property Maintenance Is Important

As each new season approaches, it’s vital to carry out some checks on the outside of your property to make sure it’s ready for the weather conditions ahead, whether that’s the onset of spring or an approaching winter! Here are a few vital areas around the exterior of your property that may need attention.

Routine Property Maintenance Southampton

External Checks To Be Made

Guttering, soffits and fascias

These fittings on the outside of your property take the brunt of any bad weather, especially having to cope with rain and wind. Left unchecked, there’s a chance that any problems with the roofline area of your home could be vulnerable to leaks. This can damage internal décor, or worse, if not addressed early, could even compromise the structural integrity of your building. And that can mean a great deal of expense over the longer term.

Landscaping and garden maintenance

This is important all year round. Not only does an untended garden look unsightly, it can also cause damage if left to run riot. If you have flagging, like a patio or a driveway, weeds growing up between the cracks can begin to force paving stones apart, causing uneven surfaces and pooling water. Tree branches can become overgrown, posing a risk to property if they break and fall during high winds. And if you want to get out and about in pleasant weather or entertain guests, then lawns will need mowing and treating for weeds too.


The sturdiness of fencing is another important factor to check. This provides security for your property, as well as being an aesthetic feature, so it’s best to ensure that all fence posts are firmly secure. If you have wooden fencing, make sure it’s treated against rain so it won’t suffer wood rot. Metal fencing not made from treated steel can be susceptible to rust, which can eventually throw fences or gates out of alignment.


Ageing paintwork, rendering on walls and so on not only looks unsightly. It may also be failing to protect your home from the damp. A good quality paint job will protect your brickwork from the elements, including UV rays, frost, rain and wind. Signs your home may need painting include flaking, cracking or bubbling on existing painted surfaces or fading paintwork. These can all lead to dry rot, wet rot or mould, inside and out. The average house should be painted every seven to ten years to ensure it’s weatherproofed.

The Benefits of Routine Maintenance

As well as protecting the outside of your home from high winds and heavy rains, property maintenance like the jobs listed above will also improve the kerb appeal of your house. That means you can hold your head high among your neighbours. But more importantly, keeping on top of the external maintenance will improve the value of your home, even if you aren’t planning to sell in the near future.

If you’re struggling to keep up with property maintenance, why not look up a local company in the area which can tackle all this and more? South Coast Maintenance operates across Southampton and the wider Hampshire area and is ready to take all these troublesome tasks off your hands.

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